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$ 4.00 -0.61 %
BTC Price
24h Vol
$ 107.26 M
Market Cap
$ 762.24 M
Cur - Max Supply
190.69 M - 0

Cosmos (ATOM) Price Charts

Cosmos (ATOM) is a cryptocurrency or a form of digital asset. Cosmos (ATOM) price for today is $ 4.00 or 0.00036 BTC with a 24-hour trading volume of $ 107.26 Million. ATOM price changes 2.46 % in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 190.69 Million coins and a max supply of 0 coins.

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About Cosmos

Cosmos is a network of many independent blockchains, called zones. The zones are powered by Tendermint Core, which provides a high-performance, consistent, secure PBFT-like consensus engine, where strict fork-accountability guarantees hold over the behaviour of malicious actors. Tendermint Core’s BFT consensus algorithm is well suited for scaling public proof-of-stake blockchains.

The first zone on Cosmos is called the Cosmos Hub. The Cosmos Hub is a multi-asset proof-of-stake cryptocurrency with a simple governance mechanism which enables the network to adapt and upgrade. In addition, the Cosmos Hub can be extended by connecting other zones. The hub and zones of the Cosmos network communicate with each other via an inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol, a kind of virtual UDP or TCP for blockchains. Tokens can be transferred from one zone to another securely and quickly without the need for exchange liquidity between zones. Instead, all inter-zone token transfers go through the Cosmos Hub, which keeps track of the total amount of tokens held by each zone. The hub isolates each zone from the failure of other zones. Because anyone can connect a new zone to the Cosmos Hub, zones allow for future-compatibility with new blockchain innovations. The supply won’t be limited as the project plans to introduce a yearly inflatory model. 

Quick Stats
ATOM Quick Stats
Cosmos Rank 26
ATOM/USD Price $ 4.00
ATOM/BTC Price ฿ 0.00036
24h Vol$ 107,256,208
Market Cap$ 762,242,042
-0.61 %
2.46 %
6.23 %
ATOM Details
Full NameCosmos (ATOM)
Start Date 2016-03-09
Total Mined 190,688,439
Previous Mined -
Net Hashes 0
Algorithm -
Proof Type PoS
White Paper Download
ATOM Misc. Info
Block Number -
Block Time -
Block Reward -
Available/Total Supply 237.93 M - 0
ATOM Social Links
Facebook -
Twitter @cosmos
1. BTC
$ 11,170.93
-1.44 %
2. ETH
$ 388.02
-2.00 %
3. XRP
$ 0.30
-5.11 %
$ 1.00
0.12 %
5. BCH
$ 286.96
-4.07 %
$ 0.0089
3848.80 %
$ 3.38
1176.13 %
$ 0.0067
432.64 %
$ 1.00
359.17 %
$ 0.031
350.53 %
$ 0.10
-91.68 %
$ 0.0015
-81.75 %
$ 0.11
-81.52 %
$ 0.000048
-77.69 %
$ 0.00022
-74.50 %
Cosmos (ATOM)
Ico Status
ICO Status
Token Supply
Start Date
End Date
Fund Raised (BTC)
4,870 BTC; 246,890 ETH
Fund Raised (USD)
Start Price (USD)
Security Audit Company
ICO Legal Form
ICO Jurisdiction
Legal Advisers

Atoms can be used for transaction fees on the main Cosmos hub; however, zones will be allowed to collect fees in any currency or combination of currencies of their choosing. The hidden cap of $17 million was reached in just 30 minutes from only 1090 donations. The fundraiser had a cap of 1M USD per person, despite this one large investor contributed $1.812 Million. They were later refunded the difference minus an admin fee. 

Cosmos committed to a hedging strategy of 50% fiat, 25% Bitcoin, 25% Ether, denominated in USD. They have liquidated 50% of the cryptocurrency tokens however they say they reserve the right to change this hedging strategy at any time. The Atoms available in the crowdsale will not immediately be liquid: once created, they will vest at a constant rate per hour over the course of two years.

The Cosmos Network is the first project by the Interchain Foundation. Its development is being led primarily by All In Bits, Inc., the team that created Tendermint. 5% of the Atoms go to its initial donors, 10% go to the Interchain Foundation, 10% go to the company developing most of the software, and the remaining 75% to be distributed according to the results of the private and public fundraisers.

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